TMR Surgery in Dubai


TMR surgery, also known as Targeted Muscle Reinnervation surgery, is a surgical treatment that is gaining acceptance as a nerve pain management associated with amputation.

Post-amputation pain is common among amputees. For example, you might feel sensations in a part of the limb that remains after amputation, or you could experience phantom pain in the area of amputation. 

TMR nerve surgery can help reduce post-amputation nerve pain by reconnecting amputated nerves to nearby nerves and muscle targets. If you think about nerves as electrical wiring, TMR surgery helps to complete the “circuit” by reconnecting the “live wires.”

TMR nerve surgery: Procedure & Significance

While several therapies exist to manage post-amputation pain, TMR surgery is gaining acceptance as the best treatment for nerve pain associated with amputation. Painful conditions post-amputation may resolve when amputated nerves are reconnected to nearby nerves and muscle targets.

Targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) involves rerouting the residual nerve end to a motor nerve that is no longer functional and useful. This is performed as close to its entry point into the muscle. 

The procedure was originally developed to help people control their upper limb prosthetics using natural muscle movement. However, throughout their research, doctors have observed an additional, unexpected benefit of TMR surgery in amputees: reduced neuroma and phantom limb pain. In addition, recent studies have demonstrated that patients who underwent TMR surgery experienced less pain than patients who received standard treatments for amputated nerves.

TMR has shown success in the upper limb, where it has been used to generate physiologically appropriate electromyography signals within muscles of the residual limb for prosthetic control. Significant reductions in neuroma pain have also been noted in these patients.

What to expect after TMR surgery?


Early results of TMR in the lower limb have shown great promise in preventing or treating neuroma pain. Therefore, it may be offered during amputation as a preventative measure or in treating established, symptomatic neuroma in an amputation stump. 

Dr Demetrius has extensive experience in performing TMR surgery on amputees. He gained a lot of this experience over many years of service in the Royal Air Force Medical Branch as a doctor and active service in Afghanistan during testing times. So if you are looking for amputation surgery or TMR surgery in Dubai, book your appointment with Dr Demetrius today.