Stump Revision Surgery in Dubai


Most amputees have no control over the time or method of their amputation. Also, significant shrinkage of the residual limb occurs in the months following an amputation, dramatically changing the volume of the stump and may produce excess skin and soft tissue. 

Areas of inadequate soft-tissue padding may become apparent once the prosthetic is worn and can cause discomfort or skin breakdown. As a result, the resulting residual limb or stump might not be completely suited for fitting a prosthesis. 

A Stump revision surgery with the aim of producing a residual limb which allows proper prosthetic fitting may then be required. This may be necessary to help you regain your mobility and freedom by ensuring that your prosthesis fits comfortably.

Your stump revision surgery may include different procedures aiming to recreate a suitable residual limb structure for your prosthesis.

When is a stump revision surgery needed?

An amputee would need a stump revision surgery for various reasons, such as – 

Stump Revision Surgery


Osseointegration of a prosthesis (sometimes known as Direct Skeletal Fixation) is a technique in which the prosthesis is directly fixed into the bones of the residual limb. Prosthetics are then simply attached to the metal implant.  An osseointegrated bone anchor and direct skeletal fixation of a prosthetic limb ensures its stability. 

For some patients, wearing a socket is simply not possible. Also, you and your prosthetist won’t have to deal with the continual changes in the size and shape of your residual limb. This essentially means that you can continue your daily routine with more self-assurance. There are significant functional advantages to osseointegrated prostheses. Their use has gained in popularity in recent years, and early results are very encouraging.

Disabled young woman getting used to new bionic prosthesis. Girl setting her robotic hand functions.

Why Choose Dr Demetrius for Stump Revision Surgery in Dubai?

Dr Demetrius is a well-known reconstructive plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in amputation rehabilitation. He is the plastic surgery lead clinician in the UK Defence  Osseointegration Program and the only practising surgeon with published prospectively gathered clinical outcome data in osseointegration. He has an established track record of experience in osseointegration, including the largest series of head and neck osseointegrated prosthetics in the literature. 

He is well-regarded by other surgeons and patients for his expertise in Osseointegration and stump revision surgery in Dubai. 

As a doctor, he dedicated 22 years of practice to treating the Royal Air Force soldiers and has managed the most severe amputation cases in Afghanistan. As your rehabilitation specialist, he can able to help you with personalised suggestions to overcome the problems in your day-to-day life.

Feel free to contact Dr Demetrius for all your amputation-related issues.